Antoinette Silicato - singer, performer, author.

Antoinette Silicato, with her rich and diverse musical background, has been a jazz-pop singer for over three decades. Defined as a timeless song stylist/chanteuse, she swings with ease on up tempos and is deeply personal with her storytelling ballads. As an author, Silicato offers sixty authentic Sicilian recipes and one bonus in her “SOULFUL SICILIAN COOKING” cookbook; the best of her collection while living in Taormina, Sicily 2007-2010.
“The very talented Antoinette and I go back a long way. It’s great seeing her singing career resurge and I’m sure lots of people are waiting to hear her; will definitely want to continue to hear her sing.”
George Coleman, Jazz Saxophone
“I hear originality in her voice and if given a chance, Antoinette could do great things in the music world.”
Harold Mabern, Jazz Pianist
“Antoinette has a wonderful vocal style, very fluid, very rhythmically flexible and very expressive. In addition, her range is fantastic and shows an impressive breadth of stylistic range.”
Dr. James Matheson, Composer
“Antoinette has the technique of a trained singer and the chops of a vernacular musician.”
Dr. Phillip Stevens, Voice Specialist
“I hope that Antoinette has great ongoing success with her wonderful way of performing and her great voice. For me, she is one of the greatest American voices ever.
Prince Max Schaumburg-Lippe

Antoinette Silicato’s SOULFUL SICILIAN COOKING offers sixty authentic recipes from the homes of local Sicilian women and men…
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