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Antoinette Silicato
Singer – Entertainer – Author
Please feel free to contact Antoinette Silicato at the addresses below. Antoinette is always pleased to hear from her friends and visitors to her website. She will respond to your questions and comments as soon as possible.

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3 Responses to Contact

  • Kettiluigina Maria Cicco says:

    ciaooooo got mine~<3 wonderful!! grazie Bedda~<3. Non vedo l'ora di iniziare a cucinare!

  • Ruth Roth says:

    Hi, I have tried for the past hour to purchase your cookbook with my regular Visa credit card…….it says the card is NOT valid…..and I know it is… is the same card I have had for years, I made sure the number was correct along with the billing address…..please check it out and let me know what is wrong……I only have one credit card and it has never had a problem until now….thanks, Ruth

  • I will be ordering your book and hope I’m able to get you to personalize it for me. We live (and own a restaurant) in Orange County, CA and often make trips to Vegas. Where do you perform? Love to see you when the wife and I visit.


    Frank Stefano, SR.

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