A N T O I N E T T E   S I L I C A T O
An American jazz-pop singer connects with family roots and food in Sicily”When the words match the recipes in grace, clarity, and easeful but compelling description, one believes what is said in exactly the same way that notes are believed when jazz musicians step up into the present and paint the air with vitality. Of course, delicious always means a lot in our lives. That is why combing the plans for meals and telling how they came from a particular Italian background is of value in the same way describing where some musicians come from if they carry a legendary vitality with them. Antoinette Silicato does this and makes the reader believe what she is saying the same way they believe the truth in music. Perhaps her being informed by music as a jazz singer and as a master cook of down home Sicilian cuisine, beautifully results in us getting the very best of both worlds, exactly where they meet.”
STANLEY CROUCH, Jazz and Cultural Critic, Syndicated Columnist, Novelist

“Antoinette Silicato’s cookbook lends a refreshing, unique and colorful new slant with this beautiful presentation of Sicilian recipes. From the touching dedication page to the ‘simpatico’ relationship between food and music — this book will delight the soul as well as the palate. Cooking — combining ingredients and flavors — is something of a Verdi Opera when you think about it. It’s easy to develop a passionate relationship with Sicilian Food … bathed in blood red oranges, extra virgin olive oil, and red wine vinegar. Fresh vegetables, succulent seafood, pasta, delectable cheeses, and sweet fruit — it’s all here in Antoinette’s magnificent recipes. Mangia!”
michéal CASTALDO, Classical Crossover Recording Artist, Olive Oil Connoisseur

‘Over here, we have your Sicilian Style beef cutlets. It is your sliced beef tenderloin. Succulent! Dipped in egg and flour, rolled in home-made bread crumbs, sautéed golden brown … And when you eat it!?? Lemme’ tell you something Brother baby: YOU feel like King Farouk, with a harem of concubines, lounging on the deck of a cruise ship in the Mediterranean Sea … FACING SICILY, BABY!!!’* By the time you are done enjoying the recipes from Antoinette Silicato’s book, YOU too … will be ‘FACING SICILY, BABY!!!'”
Anthony Crivello, *From Tony Award winner Anthony Crivello and Steve Scionti’s play about growing up Sicilian entitled: “Hear What’s In The Heart.”

Soulful Sicilian Cooking Final

Antoinette Silicato’s SOULFUL SICILIAN COOKING offers sixty authentic recipes from the homes of local Sicilian women and men, both family and friends; including only four recipes from restaurants in Taormina and Giardini Naxos and Catania. Uniquely centered in music, you will also be entering the world of music that Silicato loves to listen to as well as sing. Eating in the way that the Sicilians eat, you too will become “a good eater.” Una buona forchetta!


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